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Control Your Home With a Wyze Smart Home Plug

Wyze makes some great products. My home has several Wyze devices, and I have been happy with how they perform. The Wyze smart home plug is no exception. It is an easy-to-use smart wall plug that plugs into a power outlet and will let you turn on or off whatever is inserted into it. The Wyze smart plug is great for lamps, coffee makers, or whatever electronic device that needs to be turned on and off. My smart plugs control power to lamps in the living room and bedroom. They are both on a timer, which can be set using my phone and the Wyze app. You can also pair it with Alexa or Google Assistance, which allows you to control it with your voice.

Wyze Smart Home Plug Features

Control Your Home With a Wyze Smart Home Plug

  • Control your home from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Schedule on and off times.
  • Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant.
  • Group more than one smart plug with a signal switch.
  • Vacation mode turns devices on and off randomly. Making it look like someone is home.
  • Set camera or sensor motion to turn on a device.

Setting Up The Wyze Smart Plug

The Wyze smart plug is relatively easy to setup. You will need a 2.4GHz wireless router with an internet connection. The smart plug will connect wirelessly to the wireless router.

  1. Plugin the Wyze plug.
  2. Add The Wyze plug into the Wyze app.
  3. Follow the prompts to pair the device to your internet connection.

Scheduling On and Off Times

On and off times can be scheduled using the rules option in the Wyze app. Just start a new rule and select the Wyze plug. Then select the on and off times and the desired days of the week. You can also set up if-then rules. Like if a camera detects motion, then turn on lights.


The Wyze plugs are small enough to fit two plugs per outlet. You can also turn on and off the plugged-in device manually using the switch on the side. It is a simple yet functional design.


I purchased the bundle pack and got two smart plugs. This was exactly what I needed. I put one in the living room and the other in the bedroom. Each power a lamp and is programmed to turn off and on at scheduled times. I like the flexibility of changing the scheduled times for controlling the on and off times for the lamps on each outlet using my phone or tablet from the Wyze app. It is very convenient and easy to do. I have several Wyze products like the Wyze thermostat, Wyze cameras, and Wyze Door Bell. They all work seamlessly within the Wyze app. I might integrate an Echo Dot with Alexa in the future to enable voice control. This would allow me to turn on lights and other Wyze devices with my voice.

Where to Buy


Wyze Smart Home Plug


Wyze Smart Home Plug


I have been using these Wyze smart plugs for over a year, and they work great. They are uncomplicated to set up and operate. Wyze also makes an outdoor smart plug with many of the same features as well. I would highly recommend the Wyze plug for those looking to add a  smart plug for their home.

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